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I can't listen to the radio

To use the radio's webpage you first must have a HTML5 compatible web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer version 10+. If you're having trouble you can download one of the playlist files and open it using a desktop media player or your mobile device's music app. You can also use TuneIn's app, available for most devices.

The song info is not showing

First of all, to see the info you must have an up-to-date browser and JavaScript enabled (How do I enable JavaScript?). Else, if you still can't see the info, your browser may have disconnected from the websocket server, try reloading the page. If still doesn't work the server might have crashed, you can contact me at the aforementioned e-mail address and I'll restart it. The information can be also found at the streaming server status page:

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Idolm@ster?

Idolm@ster is a multi media franchise centered around a series of idol raising sim videogames developed by Namco with rhythm game elements. The Idolm@ster franchise includes several games for various consoles, two anime series, an anime movie, radio talk shows and several manga. This series is accompanied by several hundreds of songs sung by the characters of the series, both original songs and covers; these songs are what this internet streaming radio broadcasts. More info on the Idolm@ster franchise can be found at the fan wiki (in English) and in official website (in Japanese).

When did the radio start?

I got the idea of creating a internet radio in late 2014 after making a huge Idolmaster music playlist, so I could listen to it anywhere. I commented my idea in 4chan /a/ and people was very enthusiastic about it. After some time it was finally launched in January 1 2015.

What software do you use in the radio?

The stream is generated with Liquidsoap, then broadcasted with Icecast2. The webpage was developed using Flask, a lightweight Python web framework, which is served by nginx. The front end was developed with Skeleton, a minimalist CSS framework. All source code is available in Github under the Do What The Fuck You Want to Public License.

How are songs selected?

I try to include every song, excepting duplicated songs sung by multiple idols, talk radio sections (ironic isn't it?) and instrumentals. If you think a particular song is missing contact me and I'll add it.